World Industry Knit

Located in Matsumoto city on high ground overlooking the Northern Alps, the area's crisp, clean air and water provides the perfect setting for production.

In addition to sample and mass production, World Industry Knit focuses on the technical development of knit-wear and personnel development in order to pass Japan’s world-class technology to the next generation. In addition, the factory boasts a short-cycle production system to contribute to retailer sales.

The factory is equipped with everything from weaving and linking machines to milling and finishing machines. As all processes are performed in-house, World Industry Knit is capable of handling manufacturing method R&D and material testing with efficiency.

Adding texture to the product. The entire production process, including finishing processes to the completed product, are conducted in-house, allowing for integrated management.


A wide variety of equipment, and expert craftsmen

World Industry Knit offers added value with their specification design focusing on the silhouette and is true to pattern, as well as their ability to maximize the potential of the material. Linking/whole garment manufacturing, stitching, knit and cloth sewing: Conducts planning functions for all techniques. Each piece is manufactured with care to provide the highest quality knitwear.

The craftsmen boast excellent sewing skills and are experts in sewing materials with varying degree of stretch (knit and cloth, knit and jersey, etc).

Commitment to improving quality

The design department is located in proximity to each manufacturing process, enabling quick discussions to address any issues that may arise, and to offer solutions.

World Industry Knit boasts high technical skills that have been honed since its establishment. In an effort to continue to supply high-quality items, the factory focuses on the education and training of its young hires by its skilled veterans.


World Industry Knit / Matsumoto Laboratory

Japan Knit Factory


World Industry Knit Matsumoto factory also serves as a research facility. They perform ongoing experiments and research necessary to ensure stable production and the development of new expressions and knitwear.