La Mode

A special factory with high-quality standards

Originally established in 1973 in Yamaga, Kumamoto as a sewing school, La Mode is a fashion manufacturer specializing in high-end women's clothing. The factory leverages the latest technology to produce their entire line up, and provides an atmosphere enabling each and every employee to continue to hone their skills, resulting in high quality. Since establishment, the factory has continued to produce high-quality products meeting the demands of the fashion industry.

Human development is the foundation of product development

Based on the idea that human development is imperative in product development, the team, including everyone from the fresh-faced 20-something to the youthful veteran in their 60's, work together to improve their skills day by day. The factory supports employees in their drive to continue their education, including providing support towards acquiring sewing techniques and taking national exams.

The highest of quality: from sewing machines to hand-sewing

The factory focuses production on high-quality Pret-a-Porter and designer jackets, coats and bottoms. The double-faced wool coat made with a thick single fabric is trending in the Japanese market.

Through high-quality production, maximizing the customers' experience, continuing to improve techniques, and developing and nurturing employees, La Mode strives to improve themselves as a brand. The factory wants to maintain relationships in which they share the benefits and risks, and stand face to face with various obstacles.

Representative Director: Mie Yonemoto

 Under the guidance of founder Shizue Matsuura, to this day we strive to not only create good quality but to create the ultimate quality.

 Amidst the ongoing difficult economic climate, in an effort to produce high-quality items, apparel manufacturers continue to stand in the shoes of the consumers who wear these articles until they tire of them.

 For this reason, we find that the most suitable concept is, "Developing people who understand clothing," and hope to contribute to the world through "Human and Product Development."

 Thank you very much for your support.