JFAC JFA&C HISHITOMO Japanese Premium Cotton textileSince its establishment in 1955, HISHITOMO has been committed to the "process of creation." The fabric manufacturer is headquartered in Fukuyama, Hiroshima Prefecture, known for its rich history of woven goods. The growth of the textile industry resulted in the emergence of specialized companies that have honed their various specialties, including weaving, dyeing, washing, and peripherals. Our commitment to creation is yielded through collaboration with a variety of such highly skilled companies.

JFAC JFA&C Japanese selvage Cotton textile HISHITOMO

In addition to vintage shuttle looms, HISHITOMO operates various modern looms featuring the latest technology. Denim is woven on different looms based on its application, whether it be bottoms or shirts. By taking advantage of technology both old and new, HISHITOMO's approach to creation honors tradition, while realizing innovation.
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HISHITOMO's efforts to feature new concepts and develop textiles with added value is made possible due to the community of textile companies of which they are a part, providing a strong sense of camaraderie and the opportunity to challenge one another through friendly competition.
JFAC JFA&C Japanese Cotton textile Denim HISHITOMO

The company believes that it is imperative in textile development to experience the beauty of "handmade" and "fundamentals" through European textiles from the '40s and '50s, as well as American vintage apparel, and to incorporate these experiences into new, modern designs.
HISHITOMO continues to incorporate Japanese techniques into their textiles, showing off Japanese craft to the world.

JFA&C Japan Fabric Art & Craft Denim Bottoms FabricThe mill operates looms suitable for vintage pieces, to those using the latest weaving technology. Looms include vintage shuttle looms, air-jet looms, and rapier looms.

JFA&C Japan Fabric Art & Craft HISHITOMO Sales & DevelopmentSoya Ozawa (Sales and Development)

We develop fabrics based on various customer requests, but also focus on our own unique development. Aside from the leading luxury cotton - Egyptian long-fiber cotton, West Indies' sea-island cotton, and Southwest United States' Pima cotton, there is still an abundance of natural textile ingredients all over the world. HISHITOMO looks forward to discovering new, rare raw cotton and adding new value to their fabrics.