Established in 1923, the SOTOH Group is headquartered in Ichinomiya, Aichi Prefecture. With their deep-rooted spirit and independent strengths and know-how in planning, development, procurement, and sales, the company has shown persistent effort and risen to various challenges. The SOTOH Group has founded its business on its renowned textile processing mill.  At present, the mill operates looms and knitting machines to produce a wide variety of fabrics including wool, silk, cloth, and jersey.

Fabric Processing

JFA&C SOTOH Group Wool/Silk MillA wool washing machine. The woven wool is washed and kneaded to create the foundation for wool texture.
*This roller is made from a sakura tree, deemed the best material to create quality textured wools.

JFA&C SOTOH Group Japanese Wool textileThe wool is kneaded to entangle the fibers, creating a finely woven fabric.

Woven Textile, Knitting

JFA&C Japanese Textile SOTOH group Pre-weave warping machine. The density and width of the warp are closely monitored, as this important step determines the overall quality of the fabric.
JFA&C Japanese Wool textile/Fabric weavingRapier and air-jet looms are used to produce the weft. The dyeing process can take place either before or after weaving, and the looms are also capable of brushing and creating characters with fleecing.

JFA&C Jersey Knitting Machine Sotoh groupThe mill is capable of producing simple jersey materials to complex jacquard designs.

The knitting mill, also operated on the property, enables the company to supply both cloth and jersey fabrics.

Inspection and Quality Management

JFA&C Japanese woolen mills textile/fabricIn addition to thorough quality management, the SOTOH Group built a quality research lab, enabling the company to perform various tests in-house, including colorfastness, water repellancy, tear, etc.

JFA&C Wool textile variations Sotoh groupThe SOTOH Group provides weaving, knitting, and processing capabilities, offering the designer infinite possibilities to maximize wool's potential.

Sample Rolls

JFAC SOTOH group SampleThe mill operates a warping machine to produce sample rolls prior to production.  *Please contact the showroom for the production of original fabrics.

Yonezawa Factory

The SOTOH Group's Yonezawa Factory in Yamagata Prefecture specializes in the production of jacquard weaves, and is long known for their original Yonezawa weave. The factory continues to produce original, traditional products.

JFAC JFA&C SOTOG Group Yonezawa JacquardA special dry-touch, cross-weave jacquard creates beautiful, sheer fabric.

JFAC JFA&C SOTOG Group Yonezawa JacquardCreated on a vintage shuttle loom specifically for jacquard. The slow weave technique creates a beautiful texture.

JFAC JFA&C SOTOG Group Yonezawa JacquardPerforated jacquard cards determine the pattern woven on the material. One row of holes corresponds to one row of the design. The more intricate the pattern, the more cards that are required.


SOTOH GroupThe SOTOH Group aims to produce high-quality textiles that speak to customers' sensibilities. Utilizing their unique equipment for all processes from weaving and knitting to final processing, they are able to produce creative and unparalleled fabrics.