Since 1888, the tradition of top quality canvas weaving has continued at KURASHIKI CANVAS mill. The innovative yarn twisting technology that has been handed down for over 130 years plays an important role in this premium cotton canvas.

JFAC JFA&C BAISTONE COTTON CANVAS VINTAGE SelvageSeveral 100% cotton yarns are spun together to create a flexible yet strong canvas yarn that is woven on a shuttle loom yielding beautifully arranged selvedge ends. This premium selvedge canvas is made possible through the experience and sensibilities of the mill craftsmen.

JFAC BAISTONE TAKEYARI COTTON CANVAS Heavy weight/High densityFabric from KURASHIKI CANVAS mill adheres to the highest quality weaving standards utilizing the highest technical capabilities while following the strict JIS textile standards. Thus, we can provide a first-class canvas nurtured by the bounty of nature and the care of people. In your hands, you will know that this is genuine canvas made with care and without compromise.

JFAC History of Baistone Takeyari high density Cotton canvasStaff and factory photo from the 1900's.

In addition to fabric used for shoes and bags, we have produced extra-thick cotton canvas used for the base of belt conveyors. Utilizing the technology cultivated over many years, we continue to send high-quality cotton canvas around the world.

JFAC JFA&C BAISTONE High Quality Japanese cotton Canvas

KURASHIKI CANVAS maintains and produces canvas on existing shuttle looms and various vintage looms. Investment has also been made towards newer machinery like rapiers, air jets, and slewers weaving machines. KURASHIKI CANVAS will continue to challenge itself with new expressions using a blend of vintage and modern technology.

JFAC JFA&C BAISTONE HEAVY WEIGHT COTTON CANVASIn 1958, KURASHIKI CANVAS purchased Belgian made Picanol shuttle loom. This unique loom has the ability to weave extremely thick canvas. KURASHIKI CANVAS  still operates all 26 Picanol looms, a rare feat to this day.

JFAC JFA&C BAISTONE Japanese Cotton Canvas folding machine

A vintage fabric folding machine still used to this day.

Creating added value

JFAC JFA&C BAISTONE Cotton Canvas millKurashiki canvas conveys traditional Japanese culture. Although it is a simple fabric, it is a “material” with various possibilities and I am convinced that it will be a source of dreams. We are looking for encounters with partners who work together to create new value beyond the field of textiles, such as furniture, general goods, and architecture, as well as apparel.


Strong canvas fabrics might seem outdated today compared to the abundance of synthetic fibers, technical and functional fabrics available in the current market. However, fabrics that have been woven to support people's lives by using natural materials and using the technology sought out by human wisdom and efforts have something more than just industrial products. I have always felt it.

Our cotton canvas is neither light nor supple, but its simple look and texture that increases with time will remind you of the love and cherishment of things.

The process of carefully twisting each individual thread and weaving them by traditional shuttle loom is contrary to “efficiency”, but I believe this lengthy process is a vital time to dwell and for reflection.

And the value of this cotton canvas material is,
In the heart of everyone who uses it.
In the hands of everyone who loves it.

I imagine the happy future of this fabric as if to watch over my own child's growth. A fabric that is a part of our daily lives, loved by all.